As e-tick­et­ing and cen­sus drama heats up

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Chill Out Mada!

Bula Vi­naka, Oc­to­ber!

2Bags knows that most of the grog talanoa ses­sions in the past few weeks fo­cused around two things - the long ques­tions by the cen­sus of­fi­cials and the e-ticket ‘no bus fare paidar’ saga.

A friend shared how her aunt from Matuku made her day with her re­sponses to the cen­sus of­fi­cials.

Of­fi­cial: O cei so a moce eke nai ka 17 ni siga ni vula qo? (Who all slept in this house on the 17th of this month)

Aunt: Ke­mu­dou!! Ko cei me nanuma jiko a tamata ma moce i vanai na siga kowa. A cava du tala mai kina e dua na siga ga moi me mai taro? Koi sa oji tale e rua na macawa du qai mai via kila. Yali! Yali! Ko au sa ta nanuma. (How do you ex­pect me to re­call who all slept here in this house on the 17 of this month? Why didn’t you send some­one on that same day to come ask me that same ques­tion? Its af­ter 2 weeks now. No! No! I can­not re­call.) Of­fi­cial: Au kerekere e rawa niu vak­abira madaga na sticker qo me ki­lai ni dou sa wili oti. (Can I please at­tach this sticker so that it in­di­cates you have al­ready been ac­counted for?) Aunt: Me kabi e vei? (Where are you go­ing to stick it?) Of­fi­cial: E mata ni katuba ga. (just by the door) Aunt: oi, au kaya ga ko sa kaya me kabi tu i yadrequ. (oh I thought you were go­ing to stick it on my fore­head.) Lol!! Meet the Lauans!

Taki! Taki! Have a bowl for Nau who was the only one home when the cen­sus of­fi­cials vis­ited.

Re­mem­ber if you are trav­el­ling far to have that tsunami mix with a friend or just a baby mix near by, that we are now us­ing plas­tic money – yes am talk­ing about your e-tick­ets. Don’t get too grog doped and give your saqamoli for your bus fare be­cause that is the time you will ride in the lug­gage com­part­ment of the bus – as was the case in Tave­uni..Lolz!! When you are ready to re­turn to your cas­tle af­ter your grog ses­sion, keep your e-ticket handy if not you will be counted as bus lug­gage or if not be ready to ‘walk selina walk’ all the way home.

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