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Fra­grance How to Choose a For Your Home

Many of us have a sig­na­ture scent, a per­fume that we have worn for years. There is of­ten a spe­cific mem­ory tied to how we came to the sig­na­ture scent and all the en­su­ing mem­o­ries that sur­face each time we smell it. I have been think­ing about the sig­na­ture scent of my home and what that could ‘look’ like, or smell like. The nat­u­ral fra­grance of a home is one of the first things peo­ple no­tice as they en­ter your home, it is one of the first things you may no­tice as you walk into your home. Es­pe­cially if you have been away for a while. As I set about ex­plor­ing what the sig­na­ture scent of my home could be I ad­dressed what was for me the most ob­vi­ous start­ing point: a sig­na­ture scent, or var­i­ous scents? I opted for var­i­ous scents for var­i­ous rooms in my home, though the idea of a sig­na­ture scent for the en­tire home is still some­thing that ap­peals to me greatly. Let me give you a some­what ol­fac­tory tour of my home, the var­i­ous fra­grances I have cho­sen and the thought process be­hind them so that per­haps you may de­velop ideas of your own. Con­sider when a par­tic­u­lar room gets the most use and find a fra­grance suit­able for that time of day. Prior to hav­ing a child, our lounge area did not get much use dur­ing the week days. It was an area that came alive at night, so I chose a fra­grance with woody base notes with a some­what ex­otic fra­grance. It was fit­ting con­sid­er­ing the worldly feel of our lounge with world mu­sic, and art and tex­tiles picked up dur­ing our trav­els. In al­most ev­ery space I have in­cluded a dif­fuser of the same fra­grance as the can­dle to en­hance the scent. Dif­fusers are also a won­der­ful way to in­tro­duce fra­grance to a large, open space slowly and con­sis­tently. Where pos­si­ble layer the can­dle with a dif­fuser of the same fra­grance. Our kitchen, din­ing space and lounge are re­ally one big open space but eas­ily de­mar­cated and ‘sec­tioned’ with fur­ni­ture and dé­cor. I love cook­ing but I do not like the lin­ger­ing smell of food. For the kitchen I opted for a can­dle and dif­fuser with a trop­i­cal fruit med­ley fra­grance which adds a sub­tle am­bi­ence when you walk into the kitchen in the early hours of the morn­ing but in­stantly perks up and masks odour when pots and pans are clang­ing. Con­sider the pur­pose of the room and pick your fra­grance ac­cord­ingly. For in­stance some­thing stronger in the kitchen to mask odour com­pared to a lighter scent for a bed­room. For our guest bed­room we wanted the space to feel lived in but also like a hol­i­day home. Some­where that our friends and fam­ily, could feel ‘at home’ but also with the air of ex­cite­ment that a mid­week get­away brings. For the guest room I chose a some­what neu­tral fra­grance, one that I felt was a per­fect bal­ance between fem­i­nin­ity and mas­culin­ity. In­stead of an en­er­getic fra­grance with happy, poppy notes, we opted for one that was more mel­low and re­lax­ing. Con­sider the en­ergy you would like to in­tro­duce to the space. You might want some­thing up­beat or per­haps a more re­lax­ing tone. Just off the guest room is the guest bath­room. This is one of my favourite rooms in the house. The shower is huge, the room it­self is spa­cious and there’s a lovely bath tub. This is the only room in the house where I do not have a can­dle. In­stead I’ve opted for body care prod­ucts from the same com­pany whose can­dles and dif­fusers I used. The hand and body wash and lo­tions add not only an air of lux­ury to the room but are also tex­ture-rich prod­ucts that nour­ish and mois­turise with a lin­ger­ing scent. Hav­ing th­ese prod­ucts as a treat for my guests is per­fect, along­side a gen­tle dif­fuser. Where pos­si­ble add body care prod­ucts of the same fra­grance to your can­dles and dif­fusers. This works per­fectly in guest bed­rooms, the bath­room and even the kitchen. As I walk through each room in our home I can­not help but feel dif­fer­ent. Each space with its art, dé­cor and mem­o­ries in­vokes dif­fer­ent emo­tions and now with the thought­ful ad­di­tion of fra­grance I feel like the sen­sory jour­ney is com­plete. I have used prod­ucts from a New Zealand com­pany MARACA (http://www.mara­canewzealand.com/) but Pure Fiji also of­fers a won­der­ful life of can­dles, dif­fusers and bath and body prod­ucts that can just as eas­ily be used.

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