Mos­cow Con­cep­tua­lism: a Re­tros­pec­tive Grammar


would be a trap. Con­fi­ned to the Rus­sian ca­pi­tal, this mo­ve­ment, which was ne­ver real­ly ho­mo­ge­nous, was cal­led Mos­cow Ro­man­tic Con­cep­tua­lism by Bo­ris Groys in 1979 in the first is­sue of the ma­ga­zine A- (A-Ya). The la­bel co­ve­red prac­tices that had emer­ged a few years ear­lier and contri­bu­ted to their in­tro­jec­tion, as well as the mo­ve­ment’s iden­ti­fi­ca­tion. Groys’s text is am­bi­guous and le­gi­ti­ma­te­ly tries to link these Rus­sian prac­tices with art his­to­ry more ge­ne­ral­ly, es­pe­cial­ly Con­cep­tual art, even while em­pha­si­zing the ly­ri­cal, ro-

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