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Art press is now avai­lable on the di­gi­tal newss­tand press rea­der. It can be ac­ces­sed on­line and using the Press Rea­der app on smart­phones and ta­blets.

Whe­re­ver you are, you are just a few clicks away from the la­test is­sue.

5.49 eu­ros gives you full access to the di­gi­tal ma­ga­zine, which is re­cor­ded in your his­to­ry, mea­ning that you can access the whole is­sue whe­ne­ver you want.

And you can re­cord art press among your fa­vo­rites so as to be in­for­med whe­ne­ver a new is­sue is avai­lable on­line.

You can go from full page-for­mat re­pro­duc­tions (pdfs) of the ma­ga­zine straight in­to the ar­ticles that in­ter­est you in a di­gi­tal layout de­si­gned for com­fort of rea­ding. Ad­jus­table text size means that eve­ry text, whe­ther a long es­say or short note, is as ea­sy on the eye. And with all the fin­ger­tip na­vi­ga­bi­li­ty of ta­blet and on­line for­mats.

There is al­so a spe­cial vo­cal fea­ture. Click on the head­phone sym­bol and, wi­thin a few se­conds, a voice will start rea­ding the ar­ticle you have cho­sen. This func­tion is avai­lable on on­line as well as on smartphone and ta­blet ver­sions.

Why is the di­gi­tal ver­sion chea­per? Simple. If the content is strict­ly the same as the tra­di­tio­nal pa­per ver­sion, we pass on the sa­vings on prin­ting and dis­tri­bu­tion costs. Hence the price of on­ly 5.49 €.

Access To access the di­gi­tal ver­sion, click on “art­press di­gi­tal” on www.art­press.com

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