Ca­rol Ra­ma: Tongue, and Cheek


Ca­rol Ra­ma (Tu­rin, 1918) has been mar­gi­na­li­zed by art his­to­ry and fe­mi­nist dis­course. Her work is fragmented, like the (a)sexual and hy­brid bo­dies in her pain­tings. In eve­ry de­cade she has chan­ged her style and me­diums, in­tui­ti­ve­ly or conscious­ly echoing or op­po­sing the do­mi­nant trends, and while her work connects to ma­ny of the last cen­tu­ry’s avant-gardes (Ex­pres­sio­nism, Sur­rea­lism, Concrete Art, Pop Art, Arte Po­ve­ra, soft sculp­ture) it is im­pos­sible to ca­te­go­rize. At long last, Ra­ma is being gi­ven her first French re­tros­pec­tive at the Mu­sée d’Art Mo­derne de la Ville de Paris (April 3–Ju­ly 12).

ol­ga­ca­rol­ra­ma— the si­gna­ture sounds like a ma­gic formula that ins­pi­red Man Ray in one of his poems.


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