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we can free­ly sub­sti­tute the ma­jors, mi­nors and conclu­sions: “I want that dress. You can wear it on va­ca­tion. You have to think. You don’t have a warm ja­cket? Let’s go and buy one. How long? Fur-li­ned boots. I can’t real­ly see you in those.” Etc. Of all the ar­tists I have quo­ted, La­wrence Wei­ner is the one who most clear­ly poses the ghost ques­tion: “Who is there?” On­ly the lis­te­ner can give mea­ning to this si­mul­ta­nei­ty, a mea­ning that will change from one lis­te­ner and one lis­te­ning to ano­ther. It is to the lis­te­ner that the rea­li­ty of the work be­longs be­cause the lis­te­ner is the one who makes it real, dif­fe­rent­ly each time. In other words, there is no pro­blem with Aris­totle if eve­ryone is cal­led Aris­totle. “The time has come to talk of ma­ny things […] of cab­bages and kings,” says the ar­tist.

Trans­la­tion, C. Pen­war­den

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