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NEW SET­TINGS #5 PER­FOR­MING ARTS + VI­SUAL ARTS 6–27 No­vem­ber 2015 The fifth edi­tion of New Set­tings fea­tures five new pieces in­vol­ving the col­la­bo­ra­tion of per­for­ming and vi­sual ar­tists. Crea­ted by the Fon­da­tion d’en­tre­prise Her­mès in col­la­bo­ra­tion with the Théâtre de la Ci­té In­ter­na­tio­nale and French Ins­ti­tute/Al­liance Fran­çaise in New York, this pro­gram en­ables ar­tists from dif­ferent crea­tive ho­ri­zons to unite their worlds in a joint crea­tion. New Set­ting sup­ports both the pro­duc­tion and dis­tri­bu­tion of these works (Pa­ris–New York). www.fon­da­tion­den­tre­pri­se­ Ca­len­dar Fri. 6: 7.30 pm Take the Floor, 9 pm I’ve ne­ver done this be­fore Sat. 7: 7.30 pm Take the Floor, 9 pm I’ve ne­ver done this be­fore Sun. 8: 3 pm I’ve ne­ver done this be­fore 5 pm Take the Floor Sat. 14: 7 pm Le Cau­che­mar mer­veilleux, 8.30 pm Life and Times, 9 pm Le Cau­che­mar mer­veilleux Sun. 15: 2.30 pm Life and Times, 3.30 pm Le Cau­che­mar mer­veilleux 5 pm Life and Times, 5.30 pm Le Cau­che­mar mer­veilleux Mon. 16: 7 pm Le Cau­che­mar mer­veilleux, 8.30 pm Life and Times, 9 pm Le Cau­che­mar mer­veilleux Tues. 17: 7 pm Le Cau­che­mar mer­veilleux, 8.30 pm Life and Times, 9 pm Le Cau­che­mar mer­veilleux Mon. 23: 8 pm Au­ro­ra Tues. 24: 8 pm Au­ro­ra Thurs. 26: 7 pm Au­ro­ra Fri. 27: 8 pm Au­ro­ra Ad­mis­sion 7–22 re­duc­tions for more than one show on the same eve­ning Spe­cial rates for Life and Times (7 –16 Ti­cke­ting www.thea­tre­de­la­ 01 43 13 50 50 (Mon­day–Fri­day, 1–6.30 pm, Sa­tur­day, 2– 6.30 pm). Théâtre de la Ci­té In­ter­na­tio­nale 17, bd Jourdan, 75014 Pa­ris www.thea­tre­de­la­ Ad­mi­nis­tra­tion : 01 43 13 50 60 Re­ser­va­tions : 01 43 13 50 50 Léone & Mi­chel Fran­çois Take the Floor Thea­ter/vi­sual arts 6, 7 and 8 No­vem­ber The fa­mous Bel­gian ar­tist Mi­chel Fran­çois puts his stu­dio on-stage, with all the chaos of an ar­tist at work: wa­ter drip­ping from the cei­ling, a giant soap, a mel­ting ice cube, set­ting plas­ter, swea­ters with strange, head-sha­ped necks—all ty­pi­cal of the ar­tist’s poe­tic ap­pro­pria­tion of eve­ry­day rea­li­ties. Amid­st it all, ac­tors invent wa­cky sto­ries full of so­me­times-acid hu­mor and apho­risms on art. There is even the ar­tist’s cat, wan­de­ring, free as the wind, around the stage. Giu­seppe Chi­co & Bar­ba­ra Ma­ti­je­vic / Ivan Ma­rušic Klif I’ve ne­ver done this be­fore Per­for­mance/vi­sual arts 6, 7 and 8 No­vem­ber



With I’ve ne­ver done this be­fore, Bar­ba­ra Ma­ti­je­vic and Giu­seppe Chi­co conti­nue to ob­serve ama­teur cul­ture via vi­deos uploa­ded on YouTube. If the 20th cen­tu­ry ven­tu­red in­to ou­ter space, then the 21st has star­ted by ex­plo­ring the deep space of the home. Thanks to tech­no­lo­gi­cal pro­gress, the in­di­vi­dual has be­come a ge­ne­ra­tor of nar­ra­tives. At home, it is pos­sible to construct a ve­ri­table ima­gi­na­ry thea­ter, and the price of ad­mis­sion is just an In­ter­net con­nec­tion. In their subjective re­per­toire, the ar­tists sketch out a “poe­tics” of ho­me­made per­for­mance. Up to now, TV and mo­vies were our col­lec­tive me­mo­ry, but that all seems to be chan­ging. Ar­thur H / Léo­nore Mer­cier Le Cau­che­mar mer­veilleux Poe­try/ins­tal­la­tion/live 14, 15, 16 and 17 No­vem­ber En­ter the Sy­nes­thé­sium, an im­mer­sive space of sound and light. Lie down, make your­self com­for­table, in a dome with 24 spea­kers and a can­vas of shif­ting co­lors. Let your ima­gine run free, fol­lo­wing Léo­nore’s concrete, abs­tract, harsh, sen­suous, subtle and tac­tile sounds, and the flow of Ar­thur’s words. Poe­try, mys­tic-punk, sexual and chi­me­ric, pro­vo­ca­tive and gentle, Le Cau­che­mar mer­veilleux is an exu­be­rant im­mer­sion in the wild­ness of a ca­co­pho­nic world where sounds fill the space and luminous va­ria­tions bring tran­qui­li­ty, warmth, hal­lu­ci­na­tion, and un­rea­li­ty. Let your­self go on this soft, deep fan­ta­sy jour­ney, in the ve­hicle of an au­ral and vi­sual ins­tal­la­tion. Na­ture Thea­ter of Ok­la­ho­ma Life and Times – Epi­sode 8 Vi­sual arts 14, 15, 16 and 17 No­vem­ber In Epi­sode 1 of Life and Times, Kris­tin Wor­rall went from 0 to 6 years old, and sin­gers sang her life. Epi­sode 8 has Kris­tin just out of uni­ver­si­ty and won­de­ring how she is going to make a li­ving. In this on­going se­ries about the life of this young middle class Ame­ri­can wo­man, each epi­sode uses a dif­ferent me­dium. The eighth, its text ba­sed on a phone conver­sa­tion with Kris­tin, uses co­lor film in ci­ne­ma­scope, with scenes shot outdoors, and mu­sic—a way of get­ting out­side the com­for­ting, pro­tec­tive black box of the thea­ter, and a lo­gi­cal step, too, be­cause Kris­tin is set­ting out in­to the world, a world that, among other things, in­cludes planes that fly in­to to­wers. Ales­san­dro Sciar­ro­ni / Co­si­mo Ter­liz­zi Au­ro­ra Per­for­mance/vi­deo 23, 24, 26 and 27 No­vem­ber With the Fes­ti­val d’Au­tomne à Pa­ris Ales­san­dro Sciar­ro­ni likes pre­cise and rhyth­mic phy­si­cal ges­tures. Af­ter folk­lore and jug­gling, he is now ex­plo­ring goal­ball, a Pa­ra­lym­pic sport that is played by the vi­sual­ly and au­di­to­ri­ly im­pai­red. Players have to th­row the ball in­to goals as wide as the pitch it­self. Bells in­side the balls help them to lo­cate them. This cho­reo­gra­pher who is hy­per­sen­si­tive to rhythm found this com­pel­ling. For him, a goal­ball match is an op­por­tu­ni­ty to construct a dra­ma ba­sed ex­clu­si­ve­ly on the cir­cu­la­tion of sound. It is al­so a chance to get sports­men on stage, a space they ra­re­ly oc­cu­py. Af­ter the show a film by au­dio­vi­sual ar­tist Co­si­mo Ter­liz­zi re­lates the crea­tive pro­cess be­hind Au­ro­ra.

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