Concep­tual Rear­ma­ment for the Eco­lo­gi­cal Cri­sis


As most earth­lings li­ving along the Seine could tell you, from No­vem­ber 30 to De­cem­ber 11 Pa­ris is hos­ting the 21st Uni­ted Na­tions Con­fe­rence on Cli­mate Change. Will the event live up to the an­ti­ci­pa­to­ry “Thea­ter of Ne­go­tia­tions” held at the Aman­diers in Nan­terre at the end of May (29–31) this year? We’ll soon find. At­ten­ded by two hun­dred stu­dents from around the world, that event was or­ches­tra­ted by phi­lo­so­pher Bru­no La­tour. The event it­self was part of an ex­pe­ri­men­tal arts and politics pro­gram run by Sciences Po, Pa­ris. Here, one of the par­ti­ci­pants in the event, Tristan Be­ra, pur­sues some of the phi­lo­so­phi­cal themes rai­sed by the dis­cus­sions with an­thro­po­lo­gist Eduar­do Viveiros de Cas­tro, who was at­ten­ding, and with Bru­no La­tour, who had just pu­bli­shed

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