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The stage sets, which he de­si­gns him­self, culti­vate nei­ther the es­sen­tia­list pu­ri­ty of emp­ty space nor the po­si­ti­vist ob­jec­ti­vi­ty of a crow­ded stage. Dif­fuse ele­ments are scat­te­red here and there like mat­tress but­tons, at­tach­ment points for people and hand­holds for ac­ting. He hates brand new, fre­sh­ly painted back­grounds and ins­tead re­cycles old stage sets that thus come back to us in the same way our old an­xie­ties. This is a thea­ter that re­vi­sits the past, ti­re­less­ly, with no re­spite and no ce­re­mo­ny. Nei­ther a pa­lace nor eve­ning clothes, eve­ry­thing is pat­ched up, trying to sur­vive. He ra­re­ly uses videos ex­cept to convey mo­ve­ment, not as an an­to­ny­mous, in­va­sive ele­ment. No pro­ta­go­nist is au­to-

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