The idea to have a film—the first and on­ly one LeWitt ever made—came from you.

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Dance was my first col­la­bo­ra­tion, in the tra­di­tio­nal sense, wor­king with a com­po­ser and a vi­sual ar­tist. Be­fore that, my com­pa­ny had no mu­sic, no dé­cor, no­thing, just our­selves. Sol first al­most tur­ned down the idea of ma­king a dé­cor. “What would be the point for me to construct so­me­thing that you would dance in front of? Your work is vi­sual­ly com­plex, so is my work. Put­ting these things to­ge­ther wouldn’t make any sense.” We agreed to think about ano­ther op­tion. I came back with the idea that if the dé­cor was the dan­cers, wouldn’t we get

There was a ve­ry mixed re­cep­tion ac­tual­ly. Phi­lip and I knew that John Ro­ck­well, the New York Times cri­tic, would be co­ming to re­view

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