Pas­cal Convert “Art, too, can be cruel”

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Pas­cal Convert is a mul­ti­fa­ce­ted ar­tist, at once sculp­tor, film­ma­ker, his­to­rian and wri­ter. His dif­ferent prac­tices are mu­tual­ly en­ri­ching but al­so per­fect­ly dis­tinct. Last spring, the French em­bas­sy in Af­gha­nis­tan as­ked him to re­flect on a work that would com­me­mo­rate the des­truc­tion of the Ba­miyan Bud­dhas by the Ta­li­ban fif­teen years ago. Pre­sen­ted in the com­pe­ti­tion for the French Pa­vi­lion at next year’s Ve­nice Bien­nale, his idea nar­row­ly fai­led to sway the se­lec­tors (cf. our edi­to­rial, no. 434). Too bad for them. No doubt the pu­blic will one day get to see the work in com­plete form. In the mean­time, Ga­le­rie Éric Du­pont is ex­hi­bi­ting a set of works that echo this piece.

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