Jor­dan Wolf­son Ul­ti­mate Pop?

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Jor­dan Wolf­son is chee­ky. Playing with the codes of high and low culture, his pro­gram­med pup­pets and ro­bots

mi­mic violent and por­no­gra­phic mo­ve­ments. His ver­ti­gi­nous ani­ma­ted car­toons turn out to be po­wer­ful cri­tiques

of the me­dium they were made in. His work, a sub­ver­sive, trash va­ria­tion

on Pop Art, des­ta­bi­lizes the vie­wer. A vi­sit to the Da­vid Zwir­ner gal­le­ry was a must to ex­pe­rience the car­ni­va­lesque

po­wer of his work. “It’s not my mode of thought that

has cau­sed my mis­for­tunes, but the mode of thought of others.”

The Marquis De Sade.

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