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These lit­tle num­bers, this short du­ra­tion, it’s all led to a lit­tle re­vo­lu­tion. This is now the time that se­pa­rates the centres of Bor­deaux and Pa­ris. With 340 ki­lo­metres of new tracks and more than 6 bil­lion in­ves­ted, the LGV Sud Eu­rope At­lan­tique (“LGV South Eu­rope At­lan­tic”) has made Bor­deaux part of the Eu­ro­pean “ring”, this per­ime­ter which- from Lon­don to Zu­rich, from Pa­ris to Frank­furt- forms the bea­ting heart of Eu­rope. The high-speed line means that An­gou­lême is now a neigh­bour, ac­ces­sible in 35 mi­nutes, and Poi­tiers is just 55 mi­nutes away. The re­duc­tion in jour­ney time has been ac­com­pa­nied by a far-rea­ching ur­ban trans­for­ma­tion. From the re­no­va­tion works car­ried out on the Saint-jean train sta­tion and its sur­roun­ding neigh­bou­rhood all the way to Bas­sins à flot and the right bank cranes are re­dra­wing the Bor­deaux sky­line, before they will even­tual­ly give way to re­veal new hou­sing, of­fices and lo­cal ame­ni­ties. This me­ta­mor­pho­sis of the land­scape is the pro­duct of an eco­no­my, and un­der the flag of Ma­gne­tic Bor­deaux, the ter­ri­to­ry is in­vi­ting in­ves­tors and contri­bu­tors from all sec­tors to join it in sup­por­ting the pro­cess. These changes are, af­ter all and above all, sen­si­tive and cultu­ral. The ci­ty of Bor­deaux, Bor­deaux Mé­tro­pole and the Nou­velle Aqui­taine region has, in this spi­rit, ac­com­pa­nied the com­mer­cial ope­ning of the LGV with an ar­tis­tic, re­flexive and fes­tive sea­son cal­led Pay­sages Bor­deaux 2017 (“Bor­deaux land­scapes 2017”).

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