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The train sta­tion is over a hun­dred years old, but this old la­dy has just had a 200 mil­lion eu­ro ma­keo­ver in or­der to wel­come the high-speed line and the ex­pec­ted dai­ly in­flux of 100,000 tra­vel­lers. The re­no­va­ted glass­work, which was the lar­gest in the world at the time of its construc­tion, is a spec­tacle in it­self, ba­thing the lof­ty heights in a blue eva­nes­cence. The most ra­di­cal change, ho­we­ver, is to be found to the south where a third hall has been built. Now, the ve­hicle hire coun­ters are there, the other mo­to­rists can en­joy pri­vi­le­ged ac­cess with 850 spaces in the new car park, as well as 350 spaces for cy­clists.­re­bor­deaux­saint­

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