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Eur­at­lan­tique was laun­ched in 2009 as an ur­ban pro­ject that was clas­sed as a na­tio­nal in­ter­est. Co­ve­ring 738 hec­tares around the Saint-jean train sta­tion, the ob­jec­tive is to make the most of the op­por­tu­ni­ty pre­sen­ted by the ar­ri­val of the LGV Sud Eu­rope At­lan­tique to car­ry out an ur­ban re­ne­wal pro­gram of Eu­ro­pean re­nown. 40,000 new re­si­dents and 30,000 jobs are ex­pec­ted as a re­sult. Tra­vel­lers who cross the Ga­ronne can al­rea­dy per­ceive the ex­ten­sion of the heart of the ci­ty ups­tream. You can see some em­ble­ma­tic ele­ments of the pro­ject that consti­tute an at­trac­tive gal­le­ry for ma­jor ar­chi­tects such as: the Are­na, a concert hall with a ca­pa­ci­ty of 11,300 de­si­gned by Ru­dy Ric­ciot­ti; the new Caisse d’epargne Aqui­taine Poi- tou-cha­rentes head­quar­ters de­si­gned by Ar­chi­tec­ture Stu­dio; the first ele­va­tions of the Me­ca, Bjarke Ingles’ arch which will house the re­gio­nal hub for culture and the crea­tive eco­no­my and you can al­so see the first pre­pa­ra­to­ry works for a bridge that will host events, de­si­gned by Rem Kool­haas’ agen­cy OMA. www.bor­deaux-eur­at­lan­

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