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Ar­chi­tec­ture and ur­ba­nism have been at the heart of Bor­deaux’s soul since the ini­tia­tives of Louis-ur­bain Au­bert de Tour­ny, the In­ten­dant of Guyenne who ra­di­cal­ly re­de­si­gned Bor­deaux in the 18th cen­tu­ry and whose le­ga­cy ins­pi­red a young pre­fect of Gi­ronde, Georges Eu­gène Haus­mann, eigh­ty years la­ter before he made it to Pa­ris and trans­for­med the ca­pi­tal. The work star­ted by Tour­ny and conti­nued by Ni­co­las Du­pré de Saint-maur won the ul­ti­mate re­ward in Bor­deaux’s lis­ting as a UNES­CO World He­ri­tage Site. Arc-en-rêve, the ol­dest of the rare centres in France that are de­di­ca­ted to ar­chi­tec­ture and the crea­tor of world fa­mous ex­hi­bi­tions about the ur­ban condi­tion. We can see in Agora’s (a bien­nial ar­chi­tec­ture, ur­ba­nism and de­si­gn event) suc­cess the same tastes and pur­pose. The ope­ning of the LGV Sud Eu­rope At­lan­tique is sym­bo­lic of Bor­deaux joi­ning the Eu­ro­pean me­tro­po­li­tan elite and is the tran­si­tio­nal stage of an ur­ban pro­ject that has been on­going for 20 years. Na­tu­ral­ly, Bor­deaux and its me­tro­po­li­tan area would wish to mark this mi­les­tone, which is why this bien­nial event and its theme “land­scapes” (“pay­sages”) has been pla­ced at the centre of the ce­le­bra­tions. This and other events over the sum­mer and in the be­gin­ning of au­tumn (Sai­son Street Art, Eté Mé­tro­po­li­tain, Ocean Cli­max, Re­lâche, le FAB, etc.) com­bine to pro­duce a tru­ly ex­cep­tio­nal sea­son of culture this year. The LGV is al­so an abun­dant cultu­ral and ar­tis­tic scene for its region and the ca­pi­tal.­sa­ges­bor­

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