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Bordeaux Moments - - Dossier Été / Summer Focus -

There is no land­scape wi­thout a point of view. Pay­sages Bor­deaux 2017 has the­re­fore in­vi­ted ar­tists to give their im­pres­sions of land­scapes- real or ima­gi­ned- in the Bor­deaux me­tro­po­li­tan area. One of these ar­tis­tic points of view comes from Jo­sé-ma­nuel Gon­çal­vès, who runs Cent-quatre in Pa­ris. He has in­vi­ted three ar­tists, the first of whom is the Bri­tish sculp­tor, An­tho­ny Gorm­ley: a ma­jor ar­tist on the contem­po­ra­ry scene. He will have 16 bronze sculp­tures around the Bor­de­lais land­scape that put the em­pha­sis on in­ti­ma­cy ra­ther than the spec­ta­cu­lar to show us how man shapes the land­scape, but al­so to re­mind us- like Leo­nar­do da Vin­ci’s ‘Vi­tru­vian Man’- that man too is sha­ped by its land­scapes. The Ca­na­dian ar­tist Mi­chel de Broin will make 'Mille Spéculations' (‘One Thou­sand Spe­cu­la­tions’), which is the title of the giant mir­ror­ball that has a dia­me­ter of 7.9 metres and is for­med of a thou­sand mir­rors. It will hang in the Bor­deaux sky from a crane. As for the im­mer­sive work of the Spa­nish ar­tist Pa­blo Val­bue­na, it will be laying down an­chor in Sep­tem­ber like a ship at the heart of the new Saint-jean train sta­tion. For so­me­thing spec­ta­cu­lar, seek out the sculp­tor Da­niel Fir­man’s ex­hi­bi­tion, which will be ta­king over the Sub­ma­rine Base to pro­duce “a de-sta­bi­li­sing land­scape ar­chi­tec­ture”. Fi­nal­ly, two of the ma­jor works of a le­gen­da­ry fi­gure of land­scape ar­chi­tec­ture, Ri­chard Long, will be ins­tal­led at the Grand Théâtre and in l’es­pace St Ré­mi.

Since this sum­mer-long event in­vites re­si­dents and vi­si­tors to look at the Bor­deaux region in dif­ferent ways, the sixth edi­tion of l'été Mé­tro­po­li­tain has na­tu­ral­ly be­come ent­wi­ned with the Pay­sages Bor­deaux 2017 (see p.10) fes­ti­val to make for an in­tense sum­mer sea­son of culture, with events run­ning un­til the end of Oc­to­ber. Here are some of the high­lights from among more than 200 events from across the sum­mer.

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