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Bordeaux Moments - - Dossier Été / Summer Focus -

Mu­si­cal mi­gra­tion, ar­chi­tec­tu­ral or ar­tis­tic walks, walks among flo­ra and fau­na, mu­si­cal mean­de­rings, hikes and other sub­ur­ban sa­fa­ris with names such as AT­TEN­TION à La marche (“Watch your step”), Pay­sages en écho (“Echo land­scapes”), Ligne(s) droite(s) (“Straight line(s)/straight ahead”), Bu­reau des utopies de Ju­lie Seiller (“Bu­reau of Ju­lie Seiller’s Uto­pias”), Ins­ti­tut du ques­tion­ne­ment uto­pique (“Ins­ti­tute of ur­ban ques­tion­ning”), Bi­vouac, Voie ur­baine (“Ur­ban way”), Marches 2017 de pa­no­ra­mas (“2017 Pa­no­ra­ma Walks”), etc; there are al­most dai­ly op­tions to use our feet while fee­ding our cu­rio­si­ty and ex­plo­ring. “Catch the world” on foot. That's not all: two days and one night for the sub­ur­ban re­fuges to come to­ge­ther in the com­pa­ny of ar­tists and per­for­mers, come face face to face with the world of in­sects, flou­ri­shing anew in our parks and gar­dens thanks to ma­gni­fying tech­niques, dis­co­ver the so­no­rous ar­chi­tec­ture of the Mé­ria­deck of the people, ex­plore the unex­pec­ted plant and ani­mal life of the Sub­ma­rine base, go bold­ly in­to new sites that are re­tur­ning to their na­tu­ral roots, ex­plore an aban­do­ned rail­way line... Read the world, read the ci­ty, read the land­scapes, the li­te­ra­ry world has na­tu­ral­ly re­spon­ded to the land­scape theme of this sum­mer. Lis­ten to ex­tracts of fo­rei­gn li­te­ra­ture read by ac­tors in unex­pec­ted, ran­dom and nor­mal­ly in­ac­ces­sible places with In­si­tu, or fol­low l’es­cale du livre which is put­ting on its sum­mer clothes to create li­te­ra­ry and fun days for children, teens and the whole fa­mi­ly, all in the open air. Ju­ly-sept. Agen­da and de­tails: pay­sa­ges­bor­deaux2017.fr and ete­me­tro­po­li­tain.bor­deaux-me­tro­pole.fr

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