Eve­ryone has their own name for it ac­cor­ding to their age and how long they’ve spent in the ci­ty but, re­gard­less, eve­ryone goes there to eat on a Sun­day.

Bordeaux Moments - - Le Marché De La Saison / A Seasonal Market -

Com­pa­red to the 250 year-old royal mar­ket, which was mo­ved to Saint-mi­chel in 1960, the Sun­day mar­ket on the quays of Char­trons is com­pa­ra­ti­ve­ly young, just as suc­cess­ful. The mar­ket star­ted life as the mar­ché du Col­bert, brin­ging to­ge­ther ven­dors and pro­du­cers in the sha­dow of the last great French crui­ser which, bet­ween the years of 1993 and 2007, was a floa­ting mu­seum. The ship be­came co­ve­red in rust and too cost­ly to main­tain, so af­ter its de­par­ture, the mar­ket was of­fi­cial­ly na­med the mar­ché des Quais, but it is equal­ly known as the mar­ché des Char­trons, the name usual­ly re­ser­ved for the hand­ful of per­ma­nent stalls on the place du Mar­ché des Char­trons… Let’s just call it “the open-air mar­ket”. Be­side the quays of the Ga­ronne, the mar­ket is on­ly se­pa­ra­ted from the ri­ver by a walk­way, making it ei­ther the most plea­sant or the most trying mar­ket to vi­sit de­pen­ding on the wea­ther. In the middle of win­ter, the wind can chill you to the bone and, on a sum­mer Sun­day, you can bake in a heat­wave. Those ex­tremes aside, it is the ideal place to grab a quick lunch on the bu­sy and so­me­times im­pro­vi­sed ter­races while en­joying the vast pa­no­ra­ma of the sky and the “port of the moon”. The Char­trons mar­ket was pre­vious­ly snub­bed by those who found the Saint-mi­chel mar­ket to be more au­then­tic, but its di­ver­si­ty and beau­ti­ful set­ting have ma­na­ged to bring people of all back­grounds to its stalls, star­ting with the new ar­ri­vals in this evol­ving neigh­bou­rhood. With fresh pro­duce to fill the fridge, home-co­oked dishes and oys­ters ser­ved in a white wine sauce, Sun­day mor­ning can so­me­times fi­nish at 4pm. Opens Sun­day from 7am to 1pm for fresh pro­duce stalls and from 7am to 3pm for ea­ting on-site, ar­ti­sa­nal stalls and flo­wer stalls, etc...

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