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Re­cord dea­ler, disc-jo­ckey, boo­king agent for most of the ci­ty’s his­to­ric clubs, then at Rock­school Bar­bey, Gar­den Nef Par­ty, Ga­ro­rock…, ra­dio host, concert pro­du­cer, hel­ping ar­tists fur­ther their ca­reers; Fran­cis Vi­dal has done it all since he be­gan wor­king in the in­de­pendent mu­sic scene in 1981. Since 1996, it has been un­der the as­so­cia­tive and no­ma­dic flag of Al­lez les Filles that he has or­ga­ni­sed up to around 60 concerts per year on a tight bud­get in do­zens of ve­nues in and around Bor­deaux. Since then, the in­crea­sin­gly sav­vy au­diences have en­joyed the be­ne­fit of Vi­dal’s eclec­tic and far-rea­ching know­ledge and, as a re­sult, lo­cal groups have for­med. Ho­we­ver, Al­lez les Filles’s ac­ti­vi­ties are not just res­tric­ted to the ar­tis­tic di­men­sion. For example, they put on events that mix boxing and soul mu­sic, “Fun­ky Kids” work­shops ai­med at school­chil­dren and spon­ta­neous DJ events to warn about the dan­gers of binge drin­king. When the sum­mer ar­rives, the as­so­cia­tion comes to­ge­ther to put on an in­tense mo­bile mu­sic fes­ti­val that is free for eve­ryone: tou­rists pas­sing th­rough, sum­mer wor­kers and re­si­dents who other­wise wouldn’t have the means to go. They call this the Re­lâche: an event that runs over 35 dates and al­ter­nates concerts, “soul sies­tas” and DJ nights in a convi­vial at­mos­phere hel­ped by a com­pre­hen­sive list of ar­tists. Ste Croix, St Mi­chel, St Ge­nès, Mé­ria­deck, Ba­ca­lan, the Sub­ma­rine Base, Parc aux An­gé­liques on the right bank… Re­lâche is present in all of Bor­deaux’s neigh­bou­rhoods and beyond, even in the do­maine du Pin­san in Ey­sines, the parc Fon­gra­vey in Blan­que­fort, Old Lor­mont and the parc du Bour­ghail in Pes­sac. On the me­nu for 2017 is the usual: up­co­ming acts, ve­te­rans, le­gends and lo­cal ar­tists brin­ging you soul, pop, rhythm ‘n’ blues, in­die rock and la­ti­no mu­sic.

Re­lâche is a mains­tay of Bor­deaux sum­mers, in a ci­ty that has gai­ned a re­pu­ta­tion over the last 40 years for its vi­brant scene. It is the flag­ship event of the Al­lez les Filles as­so­cia­tion and its men­tor, Fran­cis Vi­dal.

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