Fran­cis Vi­dal is the Re­lâche fes­ti­val’s head wor­ker, ha­ving en­te­red in­to the re­li­gion at an ear­ly age as an avid lis­te­ner of ‘Pop club’ and ‘Sa­lut les les co­pains’... so­me­thing which is still yiel­ding fruit to the un­der-20s.

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Why did you choose the name “Al­lez les Filles”?

Be­cause we are fe­mi­nists… and be­cause right at the be­gin­ning, the as­so­cia­tion wel­co­med on­ly wo­men that were ac­tive in the male-do­mi­na­ted mu­sic scene.what star­ted as a slo­gan be­came what we were known as; our ac­tual le­gal name is ADMAA*.

From the first ever Re­lâche, a sum­mer gem, to the 2017 edi­tion, it seems that the fes­ti­val is ta­king up more and more of your fo­cus, is that true?

For the rest of the year, Al­lez les Filles is com­mit­ted to more tar­ge­ted events like ‘Fun­ky Kids’ or ‘Soul Tram’ but on­ly puts on around a do­zen concerts. When the good wea­ther comes, no­wa­days people are loo­king for­ward to our events. If you com­bine our first two in 2017- the launch of the fes­ti­val in square Dom Be­dos and the first Dan­cing in the Street in place St Mi­chel­more than 15,000 people came. For ma­ny people, this fes­ti­val is an op­por­tu­ni­ty to see ma­ny good concerts wi­thout spen­ding huge sums of mo­ney on ti­ckets, which el­sew­here are pro­gres­si­ve­ly be­co­ming more ex­ces­sive, even in sub­si­di­sed ve­nues. Mu­sic-lo­vers have al­ways fol­lo­wed what we do, but the ma­jo­ri­ty of fresh-converts now know that, even if they don’t re­co­gnise the ar­tists on the pos­ter, they will al­ways be of a high qua­li­ty; most of them are ap­pre­cia­ted around the world by their peers. Plus, people like the am­biance in the open air, with a pea­ce­ful and co­lour­ful crowd that in­cludes ma­ny fo­rei­gn tou­rists.

Which are your fa­vou­rites for 2017?

That’s like as­king a mo­ther which of her children does she pre­fer. All of them. This year, there’s less in­die rock and a pre­do­mi­nance of la­ti­no mu­sic.

Not even a new al­bum to re­com­mend?

I wouldn’t real­ly know where to start. I’ve lis­te­ned to a do­zen new ones eve­ry day… for fif­ty years.

* As­so­cia­tion de Dé­fense des Mu­siques Al­ter­na­tives en Aqui­taine (As­so­cia­tion for the De­fence of Al­ter­na­tive Mu­sic in Aqui­taine)

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