From Oc­to­ber 5th to the 25th, FAB is cros­sing geo­gra­phi­cal bor­ders with the per­for­ming arts

Bordeaux Moments - - Événement / Event -

Per­sist or die out? Get by or thrive? Bor­deaux’s recent his­to­ry with per­for­ming arts fes­ti­vals is pat­chy. There was a time, a while ago, when Bor­deaux had the big fes­ti­val get-to­ge­ther of the conti­nen­tal and trans­at­lan­tic avant-garde crowd, Sig­ma. Col­lec­tions of ar­chives, stu­dy days and dis­ser­ta­tions still bear wit­ness to this ex­cep­tio­nal event that ran from the end of the 60s to the ear­ly 90s (sig­ma.hy­po­theses.org). What fol­lo­wed in its wake- No­vart and Even­to- had their mo­ments in the sun be­fore being jud­ged as ir­re­le­vant and la­cking edge, li­ving in the sha­dow of their illus­trious pre­de­ces­sor. No lon­ger. Bor­deaux’s li­te­ra­ry dis­po­si­tion cou­pled with its pen­chant for the di­gi­tal world make it a play­ground for the crea­tion and dif­fu­sion of contem­po­ra­ry shows. Since last year, FAB- le fes­ti­val in­ter­na­tio­nal des arts de Bor­deaux Mé­tro­pole- has ta­ken up the mantle and ap­pa­rent­ly suc­cess­ful­ly so. The fes­ti­val or­ga­ni­ser, Syl­vie Vio­lan, has more than played her part, ha­ving pre­vious­ly hea­ded the Car­ré des Jalles for years, then the Car­ré-co­lonnes: two au­da­cious stages on the outs­kirts of the Bor­deaux conglo­me­ra­tion that fo­cu­sed on in­no­va­tion, contem­po­ra­ry sta­ging and its ac­ces­si­bi­li­ty to a wide au­dience. FAB’S fun events, its pers­pec­tives on contem­po­ra­ry art scenes and the thir­ty shows of this se­cond year look li­ke­ly to en­sure its sta­tus, of­fe­ring lo­cals and vi­si­tors a rare oc­ca­sion to meet the vi­sion of the crea­tors of our time, whe­ther they be from here, Eu­rope, the Middle East or South Ame­ri­ca.

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