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The launch of the FAB’S se­cond year pro­mises to be both spec­ta­cu­lar and thought-pro­vo­king. The mantle has been han­ded to Luz In­ter­rup­tus, a col­lec­tive from Ma­drid- a mys­te­rious duo sup­por­ted by other ar­tist friends-, using light as their raw ma­te­rial and the night as their can­vas. So­mew­here bet­ween poe­try and ac­ti­vism, they aim to create “lit zones of at­ten­tion”. Thus, they will de­li­ver a Pa­lais Ro­han, “blee­ding” out light, de­noun­cing the eco­lo­gi­cal ca­ta­clysm cau­sed by plas­tic re­si­dues in the heart of a ma­jor place of he­ri­tage, much like they did this sum­mer when mar­king the 400 years of the Pla­za Mayor in the Spa­nish ca­pi­tal. 'El plás­ti­co con el que vi­vi­mos' Il­lu­mi­na­tion Thurs­day 5/10 at 7.30pm, un­til 4am. On 6/10 and 7/10: 8pm-4am. On 8/10: 8pm-12am. Pa­lais Ro­han, Place Pey-ber­land 33000 Bor­deaux

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