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Two young wo­men found them­selves on the thre­shold of their jour­ney. Each made a start in their pro­fes­sio­nal life. One drea­med of cultu­ral jour­na­lism, on­ly to end up in com­mu­ni­ca­tions jobs, the other went to dra­ma school and then had se­ven years of ac­ting and di­sen­chant­ments be­fore… jobs in com­mu­ni­ca­tions. When these two met, a desire awoke wi­thin them to lead a more ad­ven­tu­rous life, fee­ding off their mu­tual pas­sion: ci­ne­ma. The lo­cal ‘Ki­no ses­sions’ had shown them the way, they knew what to do; they were going to put on a fes­ti­val. They just nee­ded to find an angle. Through mee­ting people col­la­bo­ra­tions sprung up, and the pro­ject took shape with a cho­sen do­main: in­de­pendent ci­ne­ma, al­ter­na­tive, ex­pe­ri­men­tal nar­ra­tives, pro­duc­tions with bud­ge­ta­ry and fil­ming re­straints. All of this with one ob­jec­tive: to show­case the greats of to­mor­row. Lo­cal sup­port fol­lo­wed. The as­so­cia­tion took the name of ‘Se­mer le doute’ (“sow doubt”) and crea­ted the first Fes­ti­val in­ter­na­tio­nal du film in­dé­pen­dant de Bor­deaux- or Fifib for those close to the pro­ject. The first year was in 2012, with Oli­vier As­sayas as spon­sor and Na­tha­lie Baye as head of the ju­ry.

Since then, the fes­ti­val has pas­sed the 5 year mi­les­tone. The qua­li­ty of its ju­ry and their choices have gi­ven the event its cre­di­bi­li­ty, as well as the ope­ning and closing nights. The pre­sence of DJS from the fes­ti­val village as well as a few stars has ad­ded some sparkle to this mi­li­tant event. The pu­blic fol­lo­wed suit, ri­sing from 6500 spec­ta­tors in the first year to 20,000 in 2016. Film dis­tri­bu­tors are al­so star­ting to hold avant-pre­mières there and court the fes­ti­val se­lec­tion. Thus, Fifib has ma­na­ged the ama­zing feat of be­co­ming re­le­vant and sought af­ter in just a few years, among the other 500 plus ci­ne­ma fes­ti­vals in France.

Fes­ti­val In­ter­na­tio­nal du Film de Bor­deaux. From 18/10 to 25/10 Uto­pia and CGR Le Français Ci­ne­mas. Village Ma­bly, cour Ma­bly, Bor­deaux www.fifib.com

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