Johanna Ca­raire and Pau­line Reif­fers both have Fifib’s des­ti­ny fate in their hands. In uni­son, they en­sure the fes­ti­val’s suc­cess.

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You’ve been cal­led the French Sun­dance fes­ti­val, are you run­ning with that?

That was pret­ty co­ol, but we’ve ne­ver been! Cannes Cri­tics’ Week, with its de­man­ding se­lec­tion that is li­mi­ted in num­ber, or the San Se­bas­tian fes­ti­val, with its strong pu­blic tur­nout and fes­tive at­mos­phere: that’s more what we aim for. Plus, the suc­cess of the Sun­dance fes­ti­val… they have Ro­bert Red­ford at the helm; here, it’s just a lit­tle unk­nown group of fel­low ci­ne­ma-lo­vers.

How do you make your se­lec­tion?

We re­ceive ap­proxi­ma­te­ly 300

full-length fea­ture films and about 500 shorts. Some of the col­la­bo­ra­tors in the Cri­tics’ Week have just joi­ned our Bor­de­lais team. On­ly ten films are shown in each ca­te­go­ry. Since last year, we have ad­ded a third com­pe­ti­tion cal­led “contre­bands”, which show­cases Fran­co­phone films made on small bud­gets and have no dis­tri­bu­tor.

The Fifib soi­rées al­so have a good re­pu­ta­tion…

The com­pe­ti­tion is just the cher­ry on top. On the pro­gramme there are hun­dreds of events, avant­pre­mières, carte blanche

to a ci­ne­ma per­so­na­li­ty, ini­tia­tives that sup­port re­gio­nal ci­ne­ma, a fo­cus on world ci­ne­ma, like loo­king at the Po­lish youth, and a great ma­ny pro­fes­sio­nal events with Fifib Créa­tion, which pro­vides a fo­rum for crea­ting films as well as sup­port pro­grams. Wi­thout this pro­fes­sio­nal as­pect, the fes­ti­val wouldn't last. Wor­king on films' life cycles be­fore their re­lease helps us to stay re­le­vant. Des­pite our com­mit­ment to ci­ne­ma, we al­so want to be in­clu­sive, and so in this ci­ty it was lo­gi­cal to give mu­si­cians a si­gni­fi­cant place, be it on stage or even on the ju­ry (Yuk­sek in 2015, El­li Me­dei­ros and Ox­mo Puc­ci­no in 2016).

Which mu­si­cal pa­trons are li­ned up for this year?

Mel­vil Pou­paud, Eric Ju­dor, Eva Bes­ter, Asia Ar­gen­to and Tshegue- an ar­tist that dis­til­ls a sur­pri­sing afro­punk elec­tro- will make up the ju­ry. As for per­for­mances, the Swiss mu­si­cian, Bu­vette- crea­tor of a subtle pop elec­tro­ni­ca- will launch the af­ter-par­ty of the ope­ning ce­re­mo­ny, and Tsegue will set the Thurs­day night alight. Plus ma­ny other sur­prises eve­ry eve­ning at Cour Ma­bly.

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