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2017 is the year of a bi­na­tio­nal pro­gram bet­ween France and Co­lum­bia. As such, two days de­di­ca­ted to the se­cond most po­pu­la­ted His­pa­nic country in the world are on the agen­da, fea­tu­ring: the Ma­pa Tea­tro, one of Co­lom­bia’s most si­gni­fi­cant com­pa­nies; an ac­ti­vi­ty that brings to­ge­ther stu­dents from French and Co­lom­bian dra­ma schools in a pu­blic place; and, fi­nal­ly, a fes­tive eve­ning with a DJ and some ex­plo­sive folk from Bo­go­ta, in­ter­sper­sed with an Afro- punk cum­bia, ins­pi­red by the ar­tists’ emi­gra­tion to Bruxelles. Fo­cus Co­lom­bie 24/10 and 25/10 fab.fes­ti­val­bor­

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