Near­ly 50 years af­ter the Landes de Gas­cogne be­came a re­gio­nal na­tu­ral park, the Mé­doc is soon to be the se­cond re­gion on Bor­deaux's doors­tep to earn this sta­tus.

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It won't be of­fi­cial for a few months, but the an­noun­ce­ment has al­rea­dy been made. The pro­ject for the Mé­doc to be­come a parc na­tu­rel ré­gio­nal (PNR) has been ac­cep­ted, along with si­mi­lar pro­jects by the Baie de Somme, Sainte-baume and the Au­brac. These pro­jects will join this pres­ti­gious group, fol­lo­wing in the foots­teps of the Gulf of Mor­bi­han, the Ma­rais Poi­te­vin and the Ba­ron­nies. The PNR sta­tus re­co­gnises the high qua­li­ty of the land­scape, the na­tu­ral spaces and the cultu­ral he­ri­tage of these areas, with each one re­cei­ving sup­port for their com­mit­ment to­wards a concer­ted sus­tai­nable de­ve­lop­ment, foun­ded on the pro­tec­tion and pro­mo­tion of what makes them spe­cial. The Mé­doc has ear­ned this re­ward for its land­scapes who­le­ness and di­ver­si­ty, all the way from the edge of Bor­deaux to the tip of the Gi­ronde es­tua­ry. The area is al­rea­dy re­now­ned for the cha­teaux found along the D2 road bet­ween Ma­cau and SaintY­zans-de-mé­doc (in­clu­ding the world fa­mous Mar­gaux, La­tour, La­fite Roth­schild, Mou­ton Roth­schild) and the wild, na­tu­ral beaches bet­ween the Porge and Ver­don, as well as for Cor­douan, "the King of Ligh­thouses, and the ligh­thouse of Kings". The PNR sta­tus brings them to­ge­ther to af­firm the com­mon iden­ti­ty of this sur­pri­sin­gly va­ried ter­ri­to­ry, made up of fo­rests and lakes, dunes and vi­neyards, pa­lus* and moors, knolls and ca­nals. This new union will al­so in­vite vi­si­tors to dis­co­ver other les­ser-known parts of the re­gion's nature and he­ri­tage which are just as spec­ta­cu­lar or ap­pea­ling: the La­gune de Con­taut nature re­serves and the Hour­tin marshes, the road and ports of the ri­ver­banks, the Ri­chard ligh­thouse, the aqua­cul­tu­ral farms and open-air ca­fé/bars of Saint-vi­vien du Mé­doc, the church and ab­bey of Ver­theuil, Fort Mé­doc, etc The crea­tion of the Mé­doc Re­gio­nal Na­tu­ral Park create a link with the Re­gio­nal Na­tu­ral Park of the Landes de Gas­cogne to the south, the Ma­rine Na­tu­ral Park of the Bas­sin d'ar­ca­chon to the West, and the Ma­rine Na­tu­ral Park of the Gi­ronde Es­tua­ry and the Per­tuis Seas to the north, en­su­ring conti­nui­ty in these ex­cep­tio­nal land­scapes, clear­ly high­ligh­ting Bor­deaux's re­mar­kable sur­roun­dings and in­vi­ting each and all to make their own dis­co­ve­ry. www.pays-me­ * for­mer mar­sh­land

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