The Mé­doc wine-grow­ing re­gion

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From the north of Bordeaux to the tip of Graves, the Mé­doc wine-grow­ing re­gion is spread over 100 km and con­sti­tutes 8 ap­pel­la­tions (Mé­doc, Haut Mé­doc, Mar­gaux, Pauil­lac, Saint-es­tèphe, Sain­tJulien, Moulis and Lis­trac). The most pres­ti­gious Grands Crus Classés de Bordeaux (1855 clas­si­fi­ca­tion) are found in this re­gion, as well as some charm­ing Crus Bour­geois and Ar­ti­sans. Via the myth­i­cal ‘Dé­parte­men­tale 2’ B-road: de­part­ing from Blan­que­fort, you will travel suc­ces­sively through the ap­pel­la­tions Haut-mé­doc, Mar­gaux, Mé­doc, Saint-julien, Pauil­lac, Saint-es­tèphe and their es­tates of which Mar­gaux, La­tour, Lafite-roth­schild, Mou­ton-roth­schild and more… but also a pas­sion. Mak­ing bar­rels is an art­form and this is a fan­tas­tic place to learn about it. Se­lect­ing your oak, dry­ing it out, cut­ting, staves, warm­ing, rais­ing the bar­rel, hoop­ing: it’s a very spe­cific vo­cab­u­lary for a unique trade. To add to the plea­sure, you can take a meal in the 1902 brasserie.

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