Cannes Market News - - NEWS - Jean des Forêts Pro­ducer (Petit Film) and Na­tional Co­or­di­na­tor EAVE.

Astro­log­i­cal Sign

Leo and my Chi­nese one is Dragon. Cool, right?

You were born on…

The hottest Sum­mer ever on record in France (1976).

Your three all-time favourite films?

by David Lean. by Ing­mar Bergman (the TV ver­sion) by Char­lie Chap­lin.

What can we ex­pect from your com­pany/ or­ga­ni­za­tion at Cannes this year?

Ju­lia Du­cour­nau’s first the­atri­cal fea­ture, pre­mier­ing at Critic’s Week on the first Satur­day. A genre-ag­nos­tic piece that I think will rock the Croisette.

When do you usu­ally go to bed on a typ­i­cal night dur­ing the Fes­ti­val?

Each year it’s one hour ear­lier than the pre­vi­ous year. So, this year I ex­pect it’ll be around 2 AM.

Where are your favourite spots to dine in Cannes?

Any­where that is cheap, nice, eat­able and close by (or is that too much to ask?).

Your weird­est Cannes mo­ment?

A fa­mous French banker rush­ing to­wards me to con­grat­u­late me for my in­cred­i­ble per­for­mance as an ac­tor in a film she had just seen. She was so em­bar­rassed when I told her that she was mis­tak­ing me for some­one else that I never got to know which film it was…

Ma­jes­tic, Carl­ton or Airbnb?

None of those. We have been rent­ing the same flat for ten years and the own­ers are lovely peo­ple, and they make very good mar­malade.

What would you like to say to Ge­orge Miller?

I would prob­a­bly ask him what are his three all-time favourites in or­der to guess which film will win the Palme d’or. Be­cause just from his fil­mog­ra­phy, I must say I have no clue.

Out­side of Cannes what is your favourite film fes­ti­val and why?

Palic, in Serbia. Be­cause it’s like Cannes: gor­geous weather, lots of films, lots of booze, but with­out the busi­ness and it’s or­gan­ised and cu­rated by good friends.

What does “VR” mean to you?

Vir­tual Re­al­ity. I never tried an Ocu­lus Rift be­fore. I se­cretly hope that I will run into Michel Reil­hac dur­ing the fes­ti­val so he in­vites me to see his VR film that pre­miered in Sun­dance.

What are your post-fes­ti­val plans?

Go­ing back to my fam­ily, go­ing to a wed­ding, shoot­ing two films and pre­par­ing Puentes, the Eave work­shop I’m in charge of that will take place in Locarno.

What’s on your ipod/ipad/ Tablet?

Books, scripts, pro­duc­tion packages. That’s a bor­ing an­swer, right? I also have Ken­drick La­mar’s do I sound cooler now?

How long did it take you to an­swer these ques­tions?

Way more than I ex­pected. They were more fun than I thought they would be. Truth is, I fell right into the trap and grad­u­ally turned into a nar­cis­sis­tic prick.

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