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Sum­mer plea­sures

This one seems quite log­i­cal, but seems to have been for­got­ten in the trou­bled times we live in to­day: a good meal is, above all, about plea­sur­ing the senses. The sense of taste, first of all, but also the sense of sight and the sense of smell... We’d in­clude the sense of touch, but we’ve de­cided to leave that to kids aged less than 5. We’d also in­clude hear­ing, but it seems rather ir­rel­e­vant here... un­less you’re from Asia and eat liv­ing an­i­mals which squeal away their dis­tress. But back to this es­sen­tial func­tion - eat­ing. This is a func­tion which, due to the ex­ten­sive ge­nius of the hu­man mind, has been turned into our no. 1 plea­sure. Well, ex­cept the other half of the planet, who hunts for roots in the for­est. But... let’s not think about that and fo­cus on our self­ish plea­sure. What de­fines a good dish? Qual­ity in­gre­di­ents cooked justly, dar­ing, yet de­li­cious com­bi­na­tions be­tween sweet and sour, be­tween crispy and soft, be­tween hot and cold, be­tween good and de­li­cious! All it takes is a cou­ple of cre­ative and ex­pe­ri­enced chefs, a hand­ful of qual­ity in­gre­di­ents and we’re off! The recipes we’ve put to­gether in this is­sue might give you a well-de­served push to come into close con­tact with these in­gre­di­ents, to dis­cover likely and un­likely com­bi­na­tions that ex­plode with fla­vor... Ev­ery­one can be a good cook, even you! Well, ex­cept the wildlings at Hard­home, maybe... Nev­er­the­less, we pride our­selves in be­ing providers of de­li­cious gourmet plea­sure ex­pe­ri­ences. En­joy the recipes and have a beau­ti­ful sum­mer! Jean-Christophe Florentin

Editor The next is­sue will be out on Septem­ber 5th

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