Roasted striped bass, spring barigoule, onions and trout roe

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4 small ar­ti­chokes 1 onion 2 stems of cel­ery (chopped) 1 car­rot (chopped) 75 cl of white wine Bay leaf, tar­ragon, basil, pars­ley 4 le­mons 2 bun­dles of radishes 1 bun­dle of car­rots 1 baby turnip

Green gar­lic con­sommé

3 coarsely chopped onions 1 stalk of cel­ery (coarsely chopped) 2 car­rots (coarsely chopped) 1 head of gar­lic Tar­ragon, bay leaf, thyme, white pep­per Trout roe


Olives Thinly sliced green gar­lic Pea shoots Le­mon olive oil Gar­den herbs

•Barigoule - squeeze the le­mons into a bowl and add a bit of wa­ter. Slice the ar­ti­chokes and place them in the mix­ture. •Sweat the onions and cel­ery un­til ten­der. Add the wine and let re­duce by half. Add the veg­etable broth, as well as tar­ragon, bay leaf, thyme, white pep­per and le­mon juice to the ar­ti­choke wa­ter. Cook un­til the ar­ti­chokes are soft. Re­move from the wa­ter and let cool. Con­tinue by cook­ing the veg­eta­bles. •Add a bit of wa­ter and let the ob­tained con­sommé sim­mer for 1 hour. Fil­ter through a cof­fee fil­ter, then sea­son with salt. •Trout roe - line a pan with two sheets of grease­proof pa­per, then cook for 30 min­utes. Let cool. •Ser­vice - Re­heat each veg­etable for a bit in the barigoule wa­ter. Cook the sea bass filets un­til medium. Fin­ish the barigoule by adding a few olives and gar­lic slices. Use a skim­mer to trans­fer the veg­eta­bles to the ser­vice plate. Sprin­kle with herbs. Place a nice scoop of trout roe on top of the fish. Sprin­kle with oil and gar­nish with pea shoots. Pour the con­sommé on top.

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