Duck foie gras from the Lan­des re­gion, black gar­lic condi­ment / oys­ter herbs

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Serves 6

Foie gras

2 lobes of foie gras (not too large and of great qual­ity)

Salt, timut pep­per (about 12 g of salt and 3 g of pep­per per

each kg of fish)

Black gar­lic condi­ment

100 g of bal­samic vine­gar 6 cloves of Ao­mori black gar­lic

Black gar­lic crum­ble

6 cloves of Ao­mori black gar­lic 100 g of soft­ened semi-salted but­ter

100 g of flour 100 g of sugar 100 g of bread

Oys­ter herb juice

2 oys­ters 100 g of wa­ter 25 g of oys­ter herbs

Fin­ish­ing touches

Oys­ter herbs Ao­mori black gar­lic

Sea salt


•De­vein the foie gras, sea­son on all sides, cling wrap and let stand overnight some­where cool.

•The next day, slightly brown on all sides and cook to a core tem­per­a­ture of about 60°C.

•»Press» the foie gras into a ter­rine and let stand for at least 5 days some­where cool.


•Peel the gar­lic cloves, place them in a saucepan, cover with vine­gar. Let re­duce by half, mix un­til smooth, place in a pip­ing bag and re­frig­er­ate.


•Mix the soft­ened but­ter with the black gar­lic. Add flour and sugar. Cook at 150°C for about 20 min.

•Dice the bread and toast it in the oven (20 min at 150°C). In­cor­po­rate into the pre­vi­ous mix­ture.

•Set aside in a dry place.

OYS­TER HERB JUICE •Open the oys­ters and mix them with their cook­ing wa­ter, the amount of wa­ter spec­i­fied and the oys­ter herbs. Pour the mix­ture into a pip­ing bag.


•Lay out 2 pieces of foie gras on each plate. Add points of black gar­lic condi­ment, points of oys­ter herb juice, oys­ter herbs and chips of black gar­lic. Serve the crum­ble and sea salt to the side.

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