Ab­so­lute tur­bot

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Tur­bot fil­lets


Or­ange peels


For the cook­ing

An­hy­drous glu­cose (pow­dered)

• Cut the tur­bot fil­lets into squares. Lay out an or­ange peel and some thyme on each fil­let. Boil some leek leaves, then wrap each fil­let in 2 leek leaves and keep in place with a piece of string.

• Fill a saucepan with pow­dered glu­cose (DO NOT add wa­ter). Place it on the heat, melt the sugar and stir vig­or­ously in or­der to pre­vent it from carameliz­ing. Once the tem­per­a­ture of the mix­ture reaches 180°C, place the tur­bot rolls in­side and «fry» them, mak­ing sure that the tem­per­a­ture never ex­ceeds 190°C.

• Use a ther­mome­ter to en­sure that the core tem­per­a­ture of the fil­lets reaches 43°C. Re­move the tur­bot rolls from the pan and open them up us­ing a fork and knife or some scis­sors (care­ful not to burn your­self), re­mov­ing the tur­bot within.

Potato mousse

180 g of pota­toes

30 g of olive oil

90 g of cook­ing wa­ter from the pota­toes

100 g of sin­gle cream

Salt, pep­per

Leek sauce

200 g fish stock

10 g of cream

100 g of the leeks used in cook­ing the tur­bot

Ap­ple vine­gar


Mix the cream and fish stock to­gether, re­duce by 1/3, add the leeks, then mix and ad­just the sea­son­ing and acid­ity.

• Gar­nish the dish with some steam-cooked veg­eta­bles, ex­tra vir­gin olive oil and sea salt.

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