4 sy­ringes with­out nee­dles Scram­bled eggs

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4 whole eggs 12 cl of light cream 2 g of pow­dered chicken stock

2 egg yolks 4 g of brown sugar Ox­alis sauce 10 g of ox­alis 20 cl of light cream 1 drop of green food dye

2.5 cl of white vine­gar Cut egg shells •Use a small an­gled scis­sor to cut the top part of the 4 egg shells. Rinse with cold wa­ter. Scram­bled eggs white vine­gar. •Mix, fil­ter and let cool. •Fill the 4 sy­ringes by half. •Re­frig­er­ate. Nut­meg mousse •Tem­per the ge­latin in cold wa­ter. •Heat up 20 cl of cream, 5 cl of veg­etable stock and the lightly crushed nut­meg. •Let in­fuse for 10 min. •Add 2 g of pow­dered chicken stock and 1 g of sugar. •Mix and fil­ter. •In­cor­po­rate the tem­pered ge­latin. •Pour the mix­ture into a whip­ping siphon with 1 gas car­tridge. •Shake and re­frig­er­ate. Plat­ing •Re­heat the eggs in a mi­crowave for about 5-6 sec / egg. •The scram­bled eggs should be warm and keep their liq­uid form. •Shake the whip­ping siphon well and ap­ply the mousse. •In­ject the ox­alis sauce in the bot­tom part of the egg.

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