Lake An­necy white­fish Slightly smoked, with duck foie gras and Granny Smith ap­ples

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•Slightly smoked white­fish with duck foie gras. •Cover the white­fish fil­lets with coarse salt for 20 min­utes. Rinse, wipe and smoke (ask your fish­mon­ger). Re­frig­er­ate for 24 h. Cut into thin slices. Grab a mold and make a thin layer of foie gras at the bot­tom. Smoothen the top, then place the thin slices of smoked white­fish on top. Re­peat 3 times, then fin­ish with a layer of foie gras. Cling wrap, place in a press and re­frig­er­ate for 24 h. Ap­ple caramel •Toss the Granny Smith ap­ples into the cen­trifuge (with skin). Re­duce the re­sult­ing ap­ple juice. Skim. The re­sult should have the con­sis­tency of a syrup. Ap­ple jelly •Heat up the ap­ple juice. Add the tem­pered ge­latin. Strain and place in a small con­tainer. Re­frig­er­ate. Plat­ing •Cut the foie gras / white­fish mille­feuille into slices. Use a brush to trace a line of ap­ple caramel on the plate, then place the mille­feuille slices. Gar­nish with a few thin ap­ple slices, cubes of ap­ple jelly, red berries and flow­ers.

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