For the Bavar­ian cream with Tahi- tian vanilla 200 g of milk

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Poached peaches Peel the peaches. Cook over low heat in a mix­ture of wa­ter, sugar and lemon zest un­til the peaches soften (but still re­main in­tact). Once done, keep them in the syrup and re­frig­er­ate. Peach sor­bet Boil the peach puree, caster sugar and lemon juice for a max­i­mum of 2-3 min. Let cool and churn. Bavar­ian cream with Tahi­tian vanilla Split and scrape the vanilla pod. Heat a milk, cream and vanilla mix­ture to 50°C to­gether. Mix the egg yolks with the sugar and add them to the mix­ture. Cook every­thing at 82°C. Re­move from heat and add the tem­pered and pressed ge­latin. Cool rapidly by plac­ing it on ice. Strain the mix­ture and in­cor­po­rate the liq­uid whip­ping cream (whipped to the con­sis­tency of a mousse be­fore­hand). Pour the Bavar­ian cream into Sil­pat® hemi­spheres of about the same di­am­e­ter as the peaches. Re­frig­er­ate for 2 h. Rasp­berry coulis Mix the sugar and rasp­ber­ries to­gether, then strain. Plat­ing Un­mold the hemi­spheres con­tain­ing the Bavar­ian cream and place it with the hol­low side fac­ing up­wards. Place half a peach on top. Dec­o­rate with flaked al­monds and a small peach leaf. Sur­round the peach ap­pareil with rasp­berry coulis.

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