Pre­par­ing the pi­geon stuff­ing:

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80 g of soft but­ter

10 cl of olive oil 20-30 lo­cal pi­geons (or 8 large pi­geons from the Vendée

re­gion) 1.6 kg of yel­low onions (1 kg when chopped) 4 l of white stock

8 eggs 6 cl of orange blos­som essence

100 g of brown sugar 4 Knorr chicken stock cubes 12 g of cin­na­mon sticks 120 g of can­died lemon

(1 piece) 40 g of fresh gin­ger (20 g when grated) 10 g of pow­dered gin­ger 2 g of TALIOUINE saf­fron

4 g of turmeric 10 g of Ras el hanout 1/2 bun­dle of pars­ley 1/2 bun­dle of co­rian­der

Salt (to taste) Freshly ground pep­per

(to taste) •Make sure that the pi­geons are com­pletely free of feathers and fuzz. Rinse un­der a stream of cold wa­ter and drain well. •Add olive oil and half of the but­ter in a casse­role. Sea­son the pi­geons and brown them on all sides. Re­move from the casse­role. Add the chopped onions and caramelize un­til they are light brown. Add brown sugar, fresh gin­ger, Ras el hanout, food dye, saf­fron, the bou­quet garni, can­died lemon and Knorr cubes. Deglaze with orange blos­som essence and white chicken stock. Add the pi­geons and cook for

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