Oc­to­pus and potato soup

With her­ring caviar and smoked pa­prika

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5 g of Kombu al­gae 40 g of Kat­suobushi (bonito flakes)

1 leek 1 shal­lot 6 pota­toes (low starch) 8 oc­to­puses (about 8-10 long)

50 g of squid ink 50 ml of fish sauce 200 ml of gar­lic oil 10 g of smoked pa­prika

1 bun­dle of fresh dill 1 small tray of pur­ple shiso

100 g of her­ring caviar For the potato soup: •Pre­pare the dashi broth by mix­ing 750 ml of wa­ter with kombu al­gae. •Let sim­mer for 30 min, then add the Kat­suobushi flakes. •Bake in a 90°C oven for 25 min. Strain. •Place the chopped leeks and shal­lots into an­other saucepan and braise in a few drops of ex­tra vir­gin olive oil. •Peel and dice the pota­toes, then add them to the saucepan. •Pour the dashi broth on top and cook un­til the pota­toes are fully ten­der. Add the pota­toes and part of their cook­ing juice to a Ther­momix. Add a bit of salt if needed. Set the Ther­momix to high speed and mix. For the squid: •Clean the squids and keep the ink (if pos­si­ble) for the sauce. •Grill the squid on char­coal, then finely dice it. •Keep the cook­ing juices and emul­sify with a bit of squid ink and a few drops of gar­lic oil. Plat­ing: •Place the squids in a bowl and cover them with the potato soup. •Place 3 tsp. of her­ring caviar / bowl and add a few drops of squid ink. •Sprin­kle with a bit of smoked pa­prika and add 4 tops of dill / bowl.

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