Lightly smoked Adour salmon, with roasted ar­ti­choke and chive cream

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1 fil­let of a 4-5 kg wild salmon 400 g of coarse salt

Dress­ing 12 pur­ple ar­ti­chokes 1 lemon Olive oil

Sauce 10 cl of sin­gle cream

1 lime 1/2 bun­dle of chives Hazel­nut oil

Salt •Pour 250 g of coarse salt on a stain­less steel tray in the shape of the salmon fil­let. Place the fil­let on the salt skin-side down and sprin­kle 150 g of coarse salt on top. •Re­frig­er­ate for 3 h. •Re­move the salt from the fil­let un­der a stream of cold wa­ter. Drain and smoke for about 1:30 h. •Cut the fil­let into 6 pavés of 110 g each. •Cook the pavés sep­a­rately un­der vac­uum at a tem­per­a­ture of 65°C. •Re­move when the core tem­per­a­ture reaches 40°C. Pre­par­ing the gar­nish: •Turn the pur­ple ar­ti­chokes, but don’t re­move the stem. •Place in lemon-in­fused wa­ter. •Cook the ar­ti­chokes un­der vac­uum (at about 98°C) with a dash of olive oil. Sea­son. Re­move when al dente. •Cut the ar­ti­chokes into quar­ters and lightly grill them à la plan­cha. Set aside some­place warm. Pre­par­ing the sauce: •Slice the chive and keep the tips. •Pour the cream in a salad bowl. Grate a quar­ter of lime zest and add it as well, along with a bit of salt. Whip gen­tly. •Add a bit of lime juice and the sliced chive. Plat­ing: •Ar­range the ar­ti­choke quar­ters in the shape of a fan. Plate the salmon pavé and sur­round it with lime and chive cream. •Pour a cou­ple points of hazel­nut oil on the cream. Fin­ish with shoots of chive.

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