Let's Dance Dan­sez main­te­nant

GREATER PARIS - - [Contents] Sommaire - By Pa­tri­cia Va­li­cen­ti

The flow and flui­di­ty of dance is being played out at the Louvre in a show en­tit­led Corps en mo­ve­ment, La danse au mu­sée (The Bo­dy in Mo­tion, Dance at the Mu­seum) with dan­cer and cho­reo­gra­pher Ben­ja­min Mille­pied cu­ra­ting the ex­hi­bi­tion along­side Jean-luc Mar­ti­nez, the pre­sident and di­rec­tor of the Mu­sée du Louvre. The ex­hi­bi­tion, being held in La Pe­tite Ga­le­rie, brings to­ge­ther some 70 works from An­ti­qui­ty to the be­gin­ning of the 20th cen­tu­ry with ma­ny on-loan from the Mu­sée Ro­din, the Mu­sée d’or­say and the Centre Pom­pi­dou. The show aims to de­mons­trate the chal­lenges that the de­pic­tion of mo­ve­ment re­pre­sents for ar­tists and how those chal­lenges were met. Wal­king, run­ning, stop­ping one’s mo­men­tum as well as ex­pres­sing fee­lings, like fear for example, are ex­pres­sed in the works on dis­play through the re­pre­sen­ta­tion of the va­rious ges­tures and at­ti­tudes that com­pose these cor­po­real ac­tions. De­gas and Ro­din, for ins­tance, chose to stop mo­ve­ment in time and fo­cu­sed on the world of dance. The show takes the vi­si­tor in­to four sec­tions, how the ar­tist mas­ters the ma­te­rials and tech­niques to re­present the bo­dy in mo­tion, the stan­dards that are used to show the ges­tures that are re­pre­sen­ted, how the ar­tist se­quences mo­ve­ment and the sec­tion de­vo­ted to the bo­dy when dan­cing. Works on dis­play in­clude an Egyp­tian man wal­king, a dan­cing fawn and a se­ries of sculp­tures by Ro­din de­pic­ting the mo­ve­ments of dance.

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