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Ideal­ly lo­ca­ted in the heart of Pa­ris, fa­cing the Ho­tel de Ville and Notre-dame, in the most tou­ris­tic, tren­dy and cultu­ral area, LE BHV MA­RAIS is the new li­ve­ly place to have a great time and to go shop­ping, open 7 days a week. What’s new? With a fa­çade en­ti­re­ly res­to­red, 45 000 m2 re­de­si­gned in a contem­po­ra­ry and warm layout, you will discover 900 brands, and live en­ter­tain­ment eve­ry day… For 160 years, LE BHV MA­RAIS has been the on­ly li­fe­style de­part­ment store in Pa­ris where you can find such a di­ver­si­ty of de­part­ments un­der one roof! Crea­tive, ins­pi­ring, ca­sual, LE BHV MA­RAIS re­mains true to its DNA and its core de­part­ments: DIY and de­co­ra­tion, ta­ble­ware and culture. Not to men­tion the new fa­shion de­part­ment that com­ple­ments and com­pletes the broad range of pro­ducts from this great mul­ti-spe­cia­list store. Close to the main store, step in­to the world of LE BHV MA­RAIS L’HOMME and its 5 floors en­ti­re­ly de­vo­ted to men, with La Cour Bleue, the ex­ci­ting new tren­dy place and its 3 concept res­tau­rants. Next to LE BHV MA­RAIS L’HOMME, 5 new bou­tique stores de­di­ca­ted to men’s luxu­ry fa­shion have been ope­ned to of­fer a new range of high-end items in ad­di­tion to the ac­ces­sible and crea­tive brands al­rea­dy found at LE BHV MA­RAIS. From num­ber 9 to 15 on rue des Ar­chives, these 5 mens­wear brand la­bels, na­me­ly FENDI, MON­CLER, GI­VEN­CHY, GUC­CI and VA­LEN­TI­NO, of­fer 100 % men’s fa­shion and ac­ces­so­rizes. For a gour­met break, you have the choice, ac­cor­ding to your de­sires, bet­ween dif­ferent places. Come to live in the 3rd floor the Cho­co­late Experience by Pierre Her­mé, a sen­so­ry route com­ple­te­ly de­di­ca­ted to the cho­co­late. Al­so find on the same floor the res­tau­rant L’ar­ti­san de la Truffe. In the 5th floor, find the world-re­now­ned cof­fee at Star­bucks, the res­tau­rant La Kan­tine, and Le Pa­ris To­kyo, for a tra­di­tio­nal Ja­pa­nese food too. Fi­nal­ly, enjoy the most beau­ti­ful view of Pa­ris by night, by drin­king a cock­tail on the fa­mous roof­top of LE BHV MA­RAIS, le Per­choir Ma­rais.

Free hands shop­ping, ex­press and in­ter­na­tio­nal de­li­ve­ry, tax re­fund, are al­so some of the avai­lable ser­vices, ma­king shop­ping here while on ho­li­days even more plea­su­rable.

LE BHV MA­RAIS 52 rue de Ri­vo­li (4th) 09 77 40 14 00 M° Hô­tel de Ville (Lines 1 & 11) Open Mon­day – Sa­tur­day: 9.30 am - 8 pm Sun­day: 11am – 7pm www.lebhv­ma­rais.fr

Le Per­choir Ma­rais Open from Wed­nes­day to Sa­tur­day: 8:15 pm un­til 1:30 am En­trance at 37 rue de la Ver­re­rie (4th)

For in­ter­na­tio­nal vi­si­tors, LE BHV MA­RAIS has put in place a spe­cial of­fer: 10% off, along­side the 12% Tax Re­fund*. Find this of­fer in back page of this ma­ga­zine. *See in store for terms & condi­tions.

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