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Seeing the Louvre? Climbing the Eif­fel To­wer? Shop­ping the Champs- Ely­sées? No. For ma­ny vi­si­tors their ‘ best hour in Pa­ris’ has be­come joi­ning Discover Walks for one of their five ‘ See Pa­ris with a Pa­ri­sian’ free wal­king tours. Discover Walks’ small- group tours be­came Pa­ris’ big­gest new hit last year. We as­ked why. “Discover Walks of­fers ma­ny Pa­ris vi­si­tors exact­ly what they’re loo­king for on their va­ca­tion,” says Alexandre, one of the na­tive Pa­ri­sian guides. “Our walks are fun. I gua­ran­tee you will laugh out loud se­ve­ral times on each walk.” “They’re in­for­ma­tive. Our Ci­ty Guides not on­ly show the great land­marks and sto­ries that go with them, but al­so spe­cial parts of Pa­ris that on­ly lo­cals know. Our walks are not his­to­ry les­sons, but filled with current Pa­ris events as well.” “People love the in­ti­ma­cy. The small- group, on- thes­treet clo­se­ness makes our walks like seeing Pa­ris with a new friend.” The tours are in En­glish, so all Guides are fluent. How did the whole idea come about? “We no­ti­ced how much of Pa­ris people were mis­sing out on be­cause of not being shown around by a lo­cal.” Discover Walks al­so in­no­vates in a dif­ferent way – the tours are free of charge. The free ser­vice is sup­por­ted by tips, with guests de­ci­ding what to tip af­ter their walk. “People are pret­ty ge­ne­rous. I guess they have fun – jud­ging not just by the tips, but 50% of guests end up ta­king a se­cond tour with us.” Fa­vou­rite guest com­ment? “Do this first – best hour I had in Pa­ris.”

Tours run in En­glish eve­ry day rain or shine, no re­ser­va­tion is nee­ded. Guides wear a dis­tinc­tive pink vest.

Mont­martre - Mou­lin Rouge to Sa­cré Coeur’ starts at 11am out­side mé­tro Blanche (line 2) at street le­vel

‘Pa­ris Land­marks’ starts at 10am at the Ope­ra house at the top of the stairs. Clo­sest mé­tro : Opé­ra

Tren­dy Ma­rais’ starts at 2:30pm out­side mé­tro Saint-sébastien Frois­sart (line 8) at street le­vel (out­side exit 2)

Hid­den Gems & Se­cret Pa­ris starts at 11am at the Louvre glass py­ra­mid, at the foot of the horse sta­tue. Clo­sest mé­tro: Pa­lais royal

‘Left Bank - La­tin Quar­ter’ starts at 2:30pm at Notre Dame by the horse sta­tue. Clo­sest mé­tro: Ci­té More tours and in­for­ma­tions at www.dis­co­ver­

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