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GREATER PARIS - - [Contents] Sommaire - By San­dra Is­kan­der

This year Dis­ney­land Pa­ris ce­le­brates 25 won­der­ful years since its grand ope­ning in France and of course with such a mi­les­tone it means that a ® co­lour­ful ce­le­bra­tion is in store for all vi­si­tors, young and old. Be­sides being the ren­dez­vous for you and your chil­dren to meet all your fa­vou­rite cha­rac­ters, in­clu­ding Mi­ckey and Min­nie, the Dis­ney­land Park has wel­co­med two new Star Wars rides, new cos­tumes for the dai­ly pa­rade and ® a spec­ta­cu­lar night show to end your day at the park with a ma­gni­ficent show of sound and light with ama­zing spe­cial ef­fects.

The park’s ico­nic Star Tours has been chris­te­ned the Star Tours: The Ad­ven­tures Conti­nue brin­ging you a new ex­pe­rience in­to a 3D in­ter­ga­lac­tic voyage. You will tra­vel through the galaxy mee­ting Darth Va­der along the way and with 70 mis­sion com­bi­na­tions it means that eve­ry time you step on­to the ride it will be a whole new ex­pe­rience. Meanw­hile, the fa­mous Space Moun­tain ride has be­come the Star Wars Hy­pers­pace Moun­tain ride, ta­king you through the Star Wars galaxy at ligh­te­ning speed, which is made more un­for­get­table with the fa­mous sound­track blas­ting around you.

The park’s co­lour­ful Dis­ney Stars on Pa­rade has al­so gone through a ma­keo­ver with new floats, new mu­sic and new cos­tumes gi­ving the pa­rade a new dazz­ling look. And eve­ry day you can find all the Dis­ney stars in front of the Slee­ping Beauty Castle to sing Hap­py Bir­th­day to Dis­ney­land Pa­ris with Mi­ckey and all his friends.

Anyone who has vi­si­ted Dis­ney­land be­fore knows that the high­light is the night show held eve­ry eve­ning be­fore the Dis­ney­land Park says good­night and closes its doors and ® with ce­le­bra­tions going at full steam with wan­ting to dazzle guests, the night show has too been in­jec­ted with an ex­tra dose of dazzle. The new Dis­ney Il­lu­mi­na­tions show is a mind­blo­wing sound and light show with film images pro­jec­ted on­to Slee­ping Beauty Castle be­fore the most spec­ta­cu­lar fi­re­works dis­play illu­mi­nates the sky above, en­ding your eve­ning on a ve­ry co­lour­ful and ex­plo­ding note.

Dis­ney­land Pa­ris ® From Pa­ris take the RER A to Marne-la-val­lée/ches­sy Dis­ney­land­pa­ Please check web­site be­fore making your way to the park for all ope­ning hours.

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