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GREATER PARIS - - Sommaire - By Pa­tri­cia Va­li­cen­ti

HAUTS- DE- SEINE : DO­MAINE SCEAUX DE Pi­cas­so in the State of Na­ture Pi­cas­so de­vant la na­ture

The de­part­ment of the Hauts-de-seine is pre­sen­ting, in col­la­bo­ra­tion with the Mu­sée Na­tio­nal Pi­cas­soPa­ris, an ex­hi­bi­tion de­vo­ted to how na­ture is de­pic­ted in the work of Pa­blo Pi­cas­so being held at the Mu­sée du Do­maine de­part­men­tal de Sceaux. Through some 80 works ema­na­ting from the Pi­cas­so mu­seum of Pa­ris in­clu­ding pain­tings, dra­wings, en­gra­vings and do­cu­ments, the show pro­poses to de­mons­trate that na­ture is a po­wer­ful ca­ta­lyst in the ima­gi­na­tion and crea­tion of Pi­cas­so and not just a simple se­con­da­ry de­cor. He would say of na­ture, "It is not from her I work but be­fore her, with her." The show re­volves around four ma­jor themes and is di­vi­ded in­to six sec­tions. The themes in­clude the re­pre­sen­ta­tion of na­ture in his works, the use of na­tu­ral ele­ments in his crea­tions, the illustration of a ma­jor scien­ti­fic work on na­ture, Buf­fon’s Na­tu­ral His­to­ry, and the stu­dy of a par­ti­cu­lar mo­tif, the wo­man-flo­wer. The show opens with an ex­pla­na­to­ry vi­deo fol­lo­wed by the first sec­tion de­vo­ted to landscapes by Pi­cas­so pain­ted bet­ween the sum­mers of 1907 and 1909, while the se­cond sec­tion pre­sents a se­ries of dra­wings de­vo­ted to ba­thers. An in­ter­me­dia­ry third sec­tion looks at a unique work, L'arbre 4 jan­vier 1944 (The Tree of 4 Ja­nua­ry 1944). The fourth sec­tion is the Pi­cas­so bes­tia­ry des­ti­ned to illus­trate The Na­tu­ral His­to­ry of Buf­fon. The fifth sec­tion looks at the use of na­tu­ral ele­ments in his work like a se­ries of com­po­si­tions in sand, while the sixth and high­ly co­lour­ful sec­tion, which winds up the show fo­cuses on a theme dear to Pi­cas­so, the wo­man-flo­wer.

The Do­main of Sceaux with its lush gar­dens and beau­ti­ful castle and out­buil­dings was crea­ted by Jean- Bap­tiste Col­bert and his el­dest son the Mar­quis of Sei­gne­lay in the lat­ter third of the 17th cen­tu­ry. The do­main has a mu­seum and its col­lec­tions are spr

From Sep­tem­ber 15th through to De­cem­ber 31st Cha­teau du Do­maine Dé­par­te­men­tal de Sceaux 8 ave Claude Per­rault, 92330 Sceaux, 01 41 87 29 50, do­

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