Af­ter two years away, STOMP is back in Pa­ris, from De­cem­ber 7 through to 24!

GREATER PARIS - - [To See] Voir -

With their cle­ver com­bi­na­tion of ex­plo­sive per­cus­sion, mime and vi­sual gags, these 8 dan­cers fill the stage with fre­ne­tic rhythm, and to the as­to­nish­ment of their au­dience, it’s all done using eve­ry­day ob­jects. Ever since it was foun­ded by Luke Cress­well and Steve Mc­ni­cho­las in 1991, STOMP has been a world­wide suc­cess. Played more 20 000 times world­wide, the show was seen by 1 mil­lion spec­tac­tors since 1996 in Pa­ris. Mem­bers of the troupe are se­lec­ted from eve­ry cor­ner of the globe for their po­wer­ful in­di­vi­dua­li­ty, with each one brin­ging their own per­so­nal touch. To­ge­ther, their vir­tuo­so skill and sense of hu­mour help to trans­form ob­jects of eve­ry sort, from co­oking uten­sils to pipes, bu­ckets, in­fla­tables, gar­bage cans, swee­ping brushes, sinks and match­boxes, in­to a non-stop rhythm ma­chine. Sounds in­ter­mingle, bounce off each other and call and re­spond to whip this high-energy spec­tacle in­to an in­cre­dible sym­pho­ny of beats. In­fos & Boo­king on

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