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OISE : CHANTILLY Pous­sin’s Pain­ting of In­fluence Pous­sin, un peintre d’in­fluence

Le Mas­sacre des In­no­cents (The Mas­sacre of the In­no­cents), the mas­ter­piece by Nicolas Pous­sin, is the fo­cal point of a ma­jor ex­hi­bi­tion un­der­way at the Do­maine de Chantilly. From the ge­ne­sis of the pain­ting to its le­ga­cy, the work is jux­ta­po­sed with a num­ber of pres­ti­gious art­works, on loan from other ins­ti­tu­tions, by lea­ding mo­dern and contem­po­ra­ry ar­tists in­clu­ding Pa­blo Pi­cas­so, Fran­cis Ba­con and An­nette Mes­sa­ger.

The Musée Condé of the Do­maine de Chantilly col­lec­tion of pain­tings and dra­wings by Nicolas Pous­sin is se­cond on­ly to that of the Louvre in France. His Mas­sacre des In­no­cents stands out for its treat­ment of the sub­ject mat­ter ba­sed on the bi­bli­cal ac­count of King He­rod’s or­der to exe­cute all chil­dren un­der two years of age in Beth­le­hem, a sub­ject that was ve­ry po­pu­lar in 17th cen­tu­ry art. Pous­sin’s in­ter­pre­ta­tion, sho­wing the vio­lence and bru­ta­li­ty of the exe­cu­tio­ner and the des­pai­ring hor­ror of the mo­ther whose pai­ned ex­pres­sion is un­for­get­table, conti­nues to re­so­nate. Pous­sin’s pain­ting has been co­pied by ma­ny other ar­tists, in­clu­ding Fra­go­nard and ins­pi­red ma­ny others in­clu­ding Pi­cas­so and Ba­con

The show brings to­ge­ther some 50 works un­ders­co­ring the pain­ting’s le­ga­cy and in­fluence through ma­ny examples of pain­tings by mo­dern and contem­po­ra­ry ar­tists. An ear­ly ver­sion of the pain­ting, on loan from the Pe­tit Pa­lais and a pre­pa­ra­to­ry sketch of the work are al­so on dis­play. The show winds up with the mo­dern and contem­po­ra­ry in­ter­pre­ta­tions of the Mas­sacre des In­no­cents in­clu­ding Pi­cas­so’s The Char­nel House, on show in France for the first time since 1954. Through to Ja­nua­ry 7th 25 mi­nutes from Pa­ris. Take the SNCF train from Gare du Nord Pa­ris to Chantilly. 03 44 27 31 80 -­mai­ne­de­chan­

Anne de Mont­mo­ren­cy, sol­dier, sta­tes­man and for de­cades, an in­fluen­tial mem­ber of the French court, es­pe­cial­ly that of Fran­cis I, was born in Chantilly in 1493. The Mont­mo­ren­cy fa­mi­ly ac­qui­red the pro­per­ty for the fu­ture Do­maine de Chantilly in 1450 throu

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