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The Mu­sée Con­dé of the Castle of Chantilly is pre­sen­ting a show de­vo­ted to the works of Rem­brandt and his en­tou­rage in its new gra­phic arts space.

The ex­hi­bi­tion brings to­ge­ther 21 ori­gi­nal et­chings by the Dutch mas­ter and some of his stu­dents as well as dra­wings at­tri­bu­ted to Rem­brandt and his en­tou­rage from the col­lec­tions of Chantilly. The Rem­brandt en­gra­vings are part of a ma­jor col­lec­tion of Dutch en­gra­vings built up by the Duke of Au­male, Hen­ri d’or­léans, who was the son of King Louis-phi­lippe, and have ne­ver been shown to the pu­blic be­fore.

The gra­phic art col­lec­tion of Chantilly is re­gar­ded as one of the fi­nest in France and was es­ta­bli­shed first with the Duke of Au­male ac­qui­ring in the se­cond half of the 19th cen­tu­ry in­ta­glios by Rem­brandt in­clu­ding ma­jor works like the high­ly de­tai­led Ch­rist Hea­ling the Sick known as the Hun­dred Guil­der Print. Beg­gars, land­scapes, por­traits, in­clu­ding one of the mo­ther of Rem­brandt, and re­li­gious scenes are among the sub­jects de­pic­ted in the works. Ac­cor­ding to Dr Ja­co Rut­gers, the Dutch spe­cia­list on Rem­brandt, the col­lec­tion of Rem­brandt en­gra­vings at Chantilly is the fifth most im­por­tant in France.

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