TOU­RIST PA­CKAGES BEYOND THE ORDINARY *Of­fer va­lid from March 1st till May 31st, 2018. See in store for terms & condi­tions

GREATER PARIS - - [ Discover] -

For Grea­ter Pa­ris rea­ders, le BHV MA­RAIS has crea­ted a spe­cial 15% dis­count which can be com­bi­ned with the 12% tax re­fund*. Be­ne­fit from this of­fer with the bar­code un­der­neath.

Le BHV MA­RAIS re­cent­ly laun­ched se­ve­ral tou­rist pa­ckages ai­med at groups: shop­ping spree, tas­ty break, gui­ded tour of lo­cal spots in the neigh­bo­rhood, drinks on the BHV MA­RAIS’ roof­top bar or even ex­clu­sive ac­cess to the VIP lounge…there is so­me­thing for eve­ryone and eve­ry bud­get!

Book your unique Ma­rais pa­ckage on the Pa­ris Tou­rist In­for­ma­tion Of­fice web­site at­ri­sin­ TO GET 15% DIS­COUNT AT BHV MA­RAIS, TAKE A PHO­TO OF THIS PAGE AND SHOW IT AT THE PAYING.

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