Hou­sing more than 370,000 ob­jects from Afri­ca the Near East, Asia, Ocea­nia and the Ame­ri­cas, the mu­sée du quai Branly- Jacques Chi­rac is one of the ri­chest Eu­ro­pean pu­blic ins­ti­tu­tions de­di­ca­ted to non- Eu­ro­pean arts and ci­vi­li­sa­tions. The mu­seum’s ex­tens

GREATER PARIS - - [ Contents] - By Pa­tri­cia Va­li­cen­ti

Ghost Story His­toires de fan­tômes

Ahaun­ting ex­hi­bi­tion has swept steal­thi­ly in­to town ta­king a look at the re­pre­sen­ta­tion and im­por­tance of ghosts in Asian art and cul­ture. En­ter in­to the world of spi­rits, ghosts and ter­ri­fying and fan­tas­tic crea­tures in an ex­hi­bi­tion being held at the mu­sée du quai Branly-jacques Chi­rac en­tit­led En­fers et Fan­tômes d'asie (Un­der­worlds and Ghosts of Asia). The show ex­plores the ghost tales in Eas­tern and South-eas­tern Asia from the 16th cen­tu­ry to the present brin­ging to­ge­ther ci­ne­ma, re­li­gious art, theatre, contem­po­ra­ry crea­tion, man­gas and vi­deo games.

From the en­gra­vings of the Ja­pa­nese mas­ter Ho­ku­sai to Pac-man, Bud­dhist pain­tings, the wor­ship of spi­rits in Thai­land, the fi­gure of the ghost has haun­ted the Asian ima­gi­na­tion for cen­tu­ries. In Chi­na, Thai­land and Ja­pan, coun­tries show­ca­sed in the ex­hi­bi­tion, mains­tream en­thu­siasm for hor­ror is ve­ry real, per­mea­ting a wide range of cultu­ral ma­ni­fes­ta­tions. Wan­de­ring fo­rest spi­rits, ven­ge­ful wo­men-cats, the wal­king dead, and jum­ping vam­pires make mul­tiple ap­pea­rances through East and Sou­theast Asian cul­ture in va­rious ages and ar­tis­tic me­diums. The ex­hi­bi­tion ex­plores how they are re­pre­sen­ted in the theatre, ci­ne­ma and co­mic books. While Bud­dhism lar­ge­ly contri­bu­ted to the construc­tion of these phe­no­me­na, in ad­di­tion to its ap­pea­rance in re­li­gious art, it was above all in po­pu­lar and non-re­li­gious art that the re­pre­sen­ta­tion of phan­toms de­ve­lo­ped.

The ex­hi­bi­tion’s path of­fers a dia­logue bet­ween an­cient re­li­gious art, theatre, film, vi­deo games and co­mics illus­tra­ting the idea that the ghost ne­ver dies and that its sud­den ap­pea­rances are un­pre­dic­table. Contem­po­ra­ry crea­tion is show­ca­sed with no­ta­bly an ins­tal­la­tion re-pro­du­cing the un­der­worlds of Thai temples and a host of sur­pri­sing spe­cial ef­fects.

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