Es­to­nia po­li­ti­cal stakes and di­gi­tal eco­no­my

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Des­pite of its size-45.227km², 1.351 mil­lion in­ha­bi­tants- Es­to­nia is a mo­del for Eu­rope. It im­pro­ved its com­pu­ter sys­tem. Ac­cess to in­ter­net is a Cons­ti­tu­tio­nal right. Con­trol of the In­for­ma­tion and Com­mu­ni­ca­tion Tech­no­lo­gies-ICT- al­lo­wed Es­to­nia to im­prove de­mo­cra­cy ef­fi­cien­cy and open­ness af­fairs of State. The ICT re­pre­sents 13.5% of the GDP, in­clu­ding Fin­land com­pa­nies as No­kia or Eric­son which have a num­ber of factories lo­ca­ted in Es­to­nia. Contra­ry to the other Bal­tic States (Let­to­nia and Li­tua­nia), Es­to­nia in­ter­ests don’t de­pend so­le­ly of Rus­sia but al­so are re­lied with neigh­bou­ring coun­tries’ part­ners-Fin­land, Swe­den, Ger­ma­ny, Bal­tic States), Mem­bers States of EU. Rus­sia is still a ma­jor client and sup­plier of Es­to­nia-Rus­sia handles 11% of the ex­ports and 8.3% of the im­ports of Es­to­nia-. Rus­sian Fo­rei­gn Di­rect In­vest­ment (FDI) in Es­to­nia amoun­ted to €521.1 mil­lion, it ac­counts for 4.1% of to­tal FDI . In the op­po­site di­rec­tion, Es­to­nian FDI in Rus­sia amoun­ted to €276.7 mil­lion, it ac­counts for 7.7% of to­tal FDI (4). Since 1991 and spe­cial­ly 1995, Es­to­nia is clo­ser to EU and its neigh­bours coun­tries.

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